Wednesday, June 2, 2010

News in preparation for the World Championships:

The team is ready to go! Alliance is looking very strong for the upcoming World Championships. Jacare has pushed the team very hard in preparation and all the hard work will pay off. Some of the jiujitsu news websites have taken notice, as shown below:


Alliance is ready for the Worlds, is the World ready for Alliance?

After a huge win in the Pan and a near win in the Brazilian National Titles Alliance leader Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti declares his team ready for the Worlds: "We've just finished our preparation for the Worlds and I can attest that our team is ready for WAR! We've never trained this hard for a competition. Our Atlanta based team will be comprised of 30 athletes. IN the alst Pan this group accounted for 9 Golds! This year, we have a balance attack for the Worlds, all our team will come strong and ready to compete. I have total confidence that we will have a great performance".

Alliance team have several bases where they draw their firepower from, Atlanta of course with leader "Jacare", Sao Paulo and Rio with the "General" Gurgel and Gigi, Europe and now New York with Marcelo Garcia and Fabio Clemente. Although they prepare in different cities, they fight a Alliance Team and their strength is amongst other things their cohesiveness and team spirit! Romero is proud of that and continues: "Fabio arrives on Wednesday with his "Tropa de elite" (Elite troops) and I know their training camp was tremendous. In New York Marcelo Garcia and Clemente along with Serginho Moraes their troops are also ready. We have affiliates all over the world, Franjinha's Paragon brings front line fighters and everyone from around the World is coming ready and prepared. The Eagle is hungry for titles, after the near miss in Brazil we are going for broke this time!"

Now the big question is: "Is the World ready for Alliance?"

Alliance Martial Arts Center is located at:

6331 Roswell Rd
Atlanta, GA 30328
For info check out:


“The cream of the crop will be at this year’s Worlds”

by Marcelo Dunlop — June 1, 2010.


That statement was made by Master Romero Jacaré on his way to the brackets setting session for the 2010 Worlds, to kick off this Thursday.

Driving on the highway from Los Angeles to Irvine, the master brought up the fact he was on a mountain road and the connection could break up. But didn’t miss a thing.

The best of what the headmaster of Alliance had to say can be found below.

Cobrinha’s fifth
“Cobrinha to me has a great shot at winning his fifth world championship in a row as a featherweight; an unprecedented achievement. He lost to Rafael(Mendes) just now at the Brazilian Nationals in a bout that was decided in the details, 4 to 2 on points. But I believe he’s more confident now, with Rafa’s game in his head, and he spent a month training with Alliance in Brazil. And Cobrinha has a good head on his shoulders, he doesn’t let things get to him, doesn’t feel pressured. That’s why I feel he has a great chance of winning and is a favorite.”

Absolute brown
“My money in the absolute brown belt is on Ian (McPherson) from Atlanta, for what he has been winning for quite some time now. But we have others in the mix, and some other surprises. It’s worth remembering that only brown belts who make it to the winners’ stand get in the absolute, so a lot of tough guys will fall along the way. But we have Dave Kohl, a super heavyweight under Franjinha, and Gustavo Goulart, who’s been winning everything.

Cream of the crop
To me this Worlds will have the cream of the crop in the sport, and each year the level gets even higher. In the brown belt division, for example, we may see the best matches of the tournament, like our Michel Langhi against Ary Farias (Atos). Imagine what that match would be like. And then there’s Gustavo Goulart and Lucas Rocha (Gracie Barra). It will go off.

Kayron in the black belt middleweight group
“I don’t see Kayron as a surprise when he won the Pan. Even less experienced as a black belt than Sergio Moraes, he’s been competing since he was a kid. He can’t be seen as a surprise and he has the same chances as all the rest, as does Abmar Barbosa.”

Last training session in Atlanta
“The 30th was the last day of hard training for the Worlds. We’re taking a team of 30 athletes from Atlanta, all really well trained and ready to defend our team title. Not we just need to gets things in place here in California – hotel, academy… the final details. With the arrival of Fabio (Gurgel) and Gigi (Paiva) from Brazil, as well as the teachers everywhere else in the world, we’re solid, very motivated and confident.”

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