Monday, February 28, 2011

News from our Affiliate in WI

We just received some updates from our Affiliate Instructor Mark Plavcan, he sent a few of his guys to compete in the IBJJF tournament in Chicago this last weekend.

Hello Guys, 
I hope the Seminar in Des Plains, IL went well and that our new affiliate is a good fit for us.  I just wanted to send you a few photos and results from this weekend at the IBJJF in Chicago so you could post them on the website.  Again, I can't thank you guys enough for everything Alliance has done for the team.  Everyone is just feeling so much better about their BJJ and I have seen such great improvements in their competition abilities.  Hopefully you can put this up on your site!  Thanks!

Andy "shaggy" Acker-  First Place - Men's Purple belt 194.5lbs (middle heavy)  All but one win by submission.

Robbie Cunningham-  First Place - Men's white belt 167 lbs (light weight)  All wins by submission

Andrew Pirsch-  3rd place - Men's White belt 154 lbs (feather weight) 

Attached are pictures of the podiums if you want to use them.  They should be labeled accordingly. 

Thanks again for everything.  I will see you guys at Pan Ams Camp. 

Mark Plavcan

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