Monday, April 9, 2012

Pan Champs 3 Years In A Row!

After our training camp in Atlanta, Jacare flew out early to California for the Black Belt bracket drawings. While there, he was able to drop in and teach a class at Cobrinha's academy. With over 50 students in attendance, this has become our team's launching pad for the major tournaments on the west coast. 

The event itself was no easy task, as defending champions we had everyone gunning for us. Our coaches worked diligently all weekend giving our fighters guidance. With Jacare, Fabio, Marcelo and many others floating around we were in good hands! From the opening day we were able to get a step ahead of the competition and our higher belts weren't going to let that slip away.  

After the black belts finished on Sunday Jacare and Fabio found themselves in that familiar spot on top of the podium. Alliance is crowned the Pan Champions for the third consecutive year!

Alliance HQ has always been a dominant force at these events and score lots of points for the team. Congratulations to all of our guys who fought so hard these last few months and competed like champions at the event!

 Special thanks to all of the training partners who push our competitors day in and day out. You are the reason we are champions!

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