Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jacare’s Trip to Brazil

Jacare’s Trip to Brazil

By Romero Jacare Cavalcanti and Bart Stevens

Recently Professor Jacare took a vacation to his homeland of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. After more than 2 years without going home this was a special trip for him. Jacare arrived with his family on the 17th of June. It was a special day to get there as the entire nation of Brazil was focused on the World Cup. The streets of Rio where alive with decorations, people, and the hopes of the entire country. The weather was perfect, 85 degrees and sunny in the daytime 65 and clear at night. Ipanema beach was beautiful, tranquil, and hospitable. One of the highlights of Brazil is the outstanding food. The flavor of the fruit, seafood, and vegetables is consistently delicious. While in Rio Jacare was able to visit his family. This was a joyous occasion, spending time with both his sister and his brother. With the family set and the location perfect Jacare was ready for outstanding vacation.

While in Rio De Janerio Jacare went for a swim, a run, and a workout on the beach daily. In the meantime Ursula, Jacare’s daughter, was learning to surf. Ursula was lucky enough to be instructed in surfing by Jacare’s old friend Sidney; a black belt from Gracie Humaita.

During the trip Professor took the time to visit his first blackbelt, Fabio Gurgel, in the city of Sao Paulo. While at Fabio’s academy Jacare was kind enough to teach a special class. Professor was pleased with the intense training in Sao Paulo, this training showed him exactly why Alliance is the top team in the entire world. The mats of Sao Paulo held dozens of world and panam champions. In addition to the students of Sao Paulo Fabio trains hard every day; setting the example for all of his students.

After traveling to Sao Paulo Jacare returned to Rio De Janerio. Immediately he went to visit his old friend Claudio Coelho. Mr. Coelho runs Nobre Arte, a famous boxing gym in the Cantagalo favela. Nobre Arte shares space with Ricardo Viera’s jiujitsu project. At the Jiujitsu project Jacare’s old student Gilson was running a spirited class. This class was full of promising young students. These young martial artists have already won numerous medals despite having hard lives. In the same favela is the Cantagalo Surfing Project. This program teaches underprivileged children how to surf and is sponsored by a local television station. The jiujitsu, boxing, and surfing programs are working hard to improve the lives of these disadvantaged young people.

After leaving Cantagalo Professor went to Alliance Leblon the school of Alexandre Paiva. In Leblon Jacare gave a speech focusing on all he has learned in his 47 years of training jiujitsu. Professor was excited to see his old friends and make some new ones. Jacare was also happy to see Terere back on the mats.

The trip to Brazil was eventful and a great success. Jacare was happy to spend time with his friends, family, and homeland. Brazil is a beautiful country and Jiujitsu is an amazing art. Jacare is proud to be a product of both of these influences.

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